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Faux Finishes Gallery

Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_1.jpg
Mark West faux finish expert
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_2.jpg
Beautiful faux finish in stairwell
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_3.jpg
Faux finish in hall way
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_11.jpg
Faux finish in dining room
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_13.jpg
Faux finish in bath
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_15.jpg
Faux finish on wall next to fountain
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_17.jpg
Southwestern feel to faux finish
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_40.jpg
Child's bedroom with faux finish
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_41.jpg
Child's bedroom with faux finish 2
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_42.jpg
Luxury faux finish Arizona homes
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_44.jpg
Rich faux finish in Arizona home
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_56.jpg
Darker effect painting
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_49.jpg
Old world faux finish
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_50.jpg
Luxury painting in Arizona Home
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_51.jpg
Upscale faux finish in Arizona home


Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_45.jpg
Bathroom with faux finish
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_46.jpg
Bathroom with faux finish 2
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_47.jpg
Bathroom with faux finish 3
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_24.jpg
Bathroom with silver faux finish
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_25.jpg
Bathroom with silver faux finish 2
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_26.jpg
Bathroom with silver faux finish 3


Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_48.jpg
Ceiling Faux Finish 1
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_52.jpg
Ceiling Faux Finish 2
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_53.jpg
Ceiling Faux Finish 3
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_54.jpg
Ceiling Faux Finish in Kitchen
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_55.jpg
Beautiful Entryway Ceiling
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_6.jpg
Vaulted Ceiling Faux Finish
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_10.jpg
Faux finish on archway
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_20.jpg
venetian plaster in Arizona home
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_38.jpg
venetian plaster in Arizona home 2


Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_18.jpg
Faux finishes on fireplace
Thumbnail image for gallery/faux/arizona_faux_finishes_19.jpg
Faux finishes on fireplace

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Mark West Painting is a full service painter, specializing in commercial painting, residential painting, interior painting and exterior painting which is License, Bonded, Insured and Registered as a painting contractor with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors #246248. Mark West Painting provides service to Arizona and the Phoenix Metro Area including: Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Carefree, Cave Creek, Rio Verde, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Chandler Mark West Painting also provides non-painting services such as plaster, marble, staining, cabinet refinishing, wall and celing repair as well as powerwashing and specialized painting services such as epoxies for painting, faux finish painting, and mural painting.Search Engine Optimization by AgaveIS