Tempe Painting

Professional Painting in Tempe, Arizona

Painting in Tempe presents some unique challenges to the homeowner, commercial property owner or public facillity. Mark West Painting has been painting in the Tempe desert for decades and has the experience in dealing with the Tempe sun and Tempe's unique weather. This allows us to work with you to choose the right paint, stucco, marble, stain, epoxies and glazes for your Tempe home.

Painting, stuccoing, staining, glazing or powerwashing around and in Tempe desert flora presents a unique challenges to the Tempe painter to help protecting the unique Tempe Desert environment! Considerations include:

  • Which Paint to use with Tempe Sun
  • Which Materials to use based on Tempe's Humidity
  • Which Exterior Paints that can withstand Tempe's Seasons
  • Which Paint is the Best Investment for Commercial and Residential Painting Projects

Mark West Painting has been in the Tempe custom home painting business for decades, we learned what works best in Tempe for protecting the various Tempe cacti and Tempe ground cover.

Mark West Painting believes your property should look the same way when we leave as it did when we arrived. Your neighbors in Tempe will be impressed by our professionalism in making your Tempe property look better wether we are:

  • Painting your Tempe Property
  • Applying Painting Finishes to Surfaces your Tempe Property
  • Creating Unique Paint Surface Effects On Your Tempe Home or Tempe Business
  • Repairing Walls or Stucco at Your Tempe House or Tempe Commercial Property
  • Repairing Celings, Popcorn in Your Tempe House or Tempe Retail Business

For painting in Tempe, we carefully pull back the dirt from the bottom of the walls before painting. We paint this way for two reasons, to paint below the finished grade, and for a clean line around the bottom of the exterior walls of your Tempe home.