Arizona Glazing and Surface Effects

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A little glaze goes a long way in making your interior painting job look great. Interior paint glaze and glazing is thinner than paint and leaves a distinctive shiny look. You can have a latex (water based) glaze or an oil base glaze. A water base glaze will dry faster, but the oil base gives you more time to "work" it. You will also want to do an oil base glaze if your base coat is oil based combining the richness of both glaze and paint to a perfect paint glaze finish.

Water Based Glaze - Several paint manufactures sell a pre-tinted glaze, but Mark West Painting can help you pick the right color glaze.

It's best to mix an oil glaze several hours before you're going to use it to give the ingredients an opportunity to blend. Mark West Painting is a glazing expert that can do the job right.

Mark West Painting uses glazing techniques to conceal unsightly flaws on wall surfaces. Painting is not going to hide uneven walls, raised spots, surfaces, old drips, damage or scratches, but ragging and some other glazing techniques may hide them. Glazing techniques create dappled effects, concealing flaws and offering a number of other design solutions, like adding interest and depth to a room.

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