Arizona Old World Finishes

European Painting Craftsmanship

Old World Finish painting techniques harken back to an earlier age where old world artisans were at the forefront of surface painting and treatment. Old World Finishes are often thought to be European in origin by artists in Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland, France, England and throughout the European continent.

The royal houses of Euorpe developed these techniques, which spread into commercial and residential life around the world. Old world finishes include:

  • lime plaster
  • lime stucco
  • marmorino
  • grassello
  • stuccos
  • integrated plasters
  • Venetian plaster
  • scagliola
  • pietre dure ornament
  • sgraffito technique

Old World Finishes can be applied to surfaces such as:

  • stone
  • plaster
  • concrete
  • cabinets
  • cabinetry
  • furniture
  • floors
  • flooring
  • walls
  • wall surfaces
  • ceilings
  • canvas
  • moldings
  • fireplaces
  • brick
  • slump block
  • decor
  • accessories
  • LEED Certified buildings

Mark West Painting has applied our new and old world finishes in dining, living, kitchens, bedroom, and bar areas. Old World finish is perfect in almost any room and can add comfort and relaxation to your home renovation project.

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