Arizona Ceiling Repair

The Ceiling Repair Experts in Arizona

Do you have damaged ceilings in your Arizona home? Do you need a professional ceiling repairman to come and make your ceilings look like the ceilings did when your Arizona home was brand new? Perhaps the ceilings in your business make the rest of your business look old and run down after years of ceiling neglect.

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Not to worry, Mark West Painting has the experience and dedication to make your ceiling repairs look as good as they can. Mark West Painting will come to your Arizona Home, Arizona Business or Arizona retail establishment and repair any holes in the ceiling, patch any damage to ceiling, and replace water damaged ceiling tiles, sheet rock, or drywall.

Ceiling Repair is an art that can only be learned from experience. Mark West Painting will ensure that your ceiling repair ends with a ceiling which has a surface which matches the rest of your ceiling. We can repair or remove acoustic ceiling tiles, ceiling popcorn and other ceiling surface effects. We follow up with a professional looking layer of paint to you ceiling surface.

The cathedral ceiling is a type of ceiling which angles upward from walls to peak, following the roof’s pitch. Cathedral ceiling adds drama and a sense of spaciousness to a room. However they can be difficult ceilings to repair, Mark West Painting can help you repair these ceilings.

Decorative ceilings can be clad or covered with wood paneling on the ceiling surface or, in the case of some old, classic ceilings (or retro ceilings), pressed metal. Mark West Painting has the professional experience to deal with these types of ceiling surface repairs.

In commercial business ceiling repair, the suspended ceiling often used to lower a too-high ceiling or to hide cracks in the ceiling and mechanical equipment near the ceiling, the ceiling consists of a metal grid that receives removable ceiling panels. The entire ceiling apparatus is suspended from the ceiling joists or existing ceiling. Mark West Painting can help repair these type of commercial ceilings.

Other types of ceiling repairs include coved ceiling repair, which is repairs to ceilings rounded at the corners; repair to tray ceiling, which is a repair to vertical or angled soffit around the ceiling's perimeter; and also repair to vaulted ceiling, which are ceiling repairs to ceilings which roll up into a half-barrel shape on the ceiling surface.

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