Arizona Faux Finishes

European / Old World Finishes in the Phoenix Metro Area

Old World Faux finishes are a Mark West Painting specialty. Techniques, materials and artists imported from Central Europe. Faux Finishes, Faux painting, fine art, and decorative finishing add beauty and value to your home, business or commercial property. Faux effects such as: color washing, frottage, sponging, are all faux painting techniques that will create a mood or the illusion of texture on a plain wall.

A Faux Finish option is real texture by using venetian plaster, textural plaster, or even a crackle faux finish. These faux finishing techniques add texture and variation to a space or object using illusion in three dimensions and sometimes four dimensions in artistic old school techniques of faux finishing. Distressing, antiquing glazes and weathering can also add to the faux effect.

Custom faux finishes can be applied to:

  • cabinets
  • cabinetry
  • furniture
  • floors
  • flooring
  • walls
  • wall surfaces
  • ceilings
  • skylights
  • LEED Certified buildings
  • wrought iron
  • railings
  • canvas
  • moldings
  • fireplaces
  • brick
  • slump block
  • decor
  • accessories
  • stone
  • plaster
  • concrete

The various faux finish options are as infinite as the sands of time.

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