Arizona Sponge Painting

Sponge and other painting effects in the Phoenix Area

Sponge painting is a technique for creating paint effects by bluring the lines between pain colors. The sponge painting technique is deceptively simple requiring years to become a sponge painting expert

Our sponge painting experts will help you transform an ordinary surface paint into a complex interesting surface all will the use of a paint sponge.

Mark West Painting will take care to protect your property before begining a sponge painting project, making sure all surfaces are protected from paint before the first sponge starts painting.

In older homes where the walls show some irregularities and dings in the finish – sponge paint techniques blend everything into a seamless organic whole and hiding blemishes through the smooth sponge.

Sponge painting typically involves application of glaze to an existing base coat of paint using a variegated surface.

Usually a sea sponge or a professional sponge painting sponge is used in sponge painting.

Sponge painting glaze and paint are usually mixed separately in a fixed ratio based on the required artistic effect to create a mixture that will apply evenly of the sponge.

The painting sponge is then dipped into the glaze, blotted and pressed firmly into the wall in various repeating patterns.

Sponge painting a bedroom wall done can take about an hour.

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